Ladislav Suster

Co-Founder | Data Consultant

Martin Trepac

Co-Founder | Brand Consultant

Collect and Analyze Data at Scale

Collect and Analyze Data at Scale

Data Collection

Extract, organize, and analyze  extensive information from diverse sources with precision

Lead Acquisition

Capture More Leads
Expand Audience Reach
Enhance Lead Quality


Optimize Resource Allocation
Ensure Data Accuracy
Save Valuable Time


Data Scraping

Data Scraping Services

From precise data extraction to structured organization, our comprehensive Data Scraping services empower your business with insights for decision-making.

  • Lead Generation
  • Price Monitoring
  • Product Data Extraction
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Reviews Extraction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Market Research
  • News Monitoring
Data Scraping

Lead Generation

Data scraping automates the collection of relevant information, such as contact details, enabling businesses to build targeted and high-quality lead lists efficiently.

Competition Pricing

Data scraping allows businesses to track competitors’ pricing strategies, ensuring they stay competitive and adjust their own pricing strategies accordingly.

Product Data Extraction

Data scraping extracts detailed product information from various sources, streamlining the process of gathering specifications, pricing, and other essential details for a comprehensive product database.

Brand Monitoring

Data scraping monitors online platforms to track brand mentions, sentiment, and customer feedback, providing valuable insights into brand perception and reputation.

Digital Delivery

Our digital team manages all aspects of your online strategy with expertise in Analytics, SEO, PPC, UX, Content, Emailing, and more, providing a tailored, smooth, and full-service experience.

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Data scraping involves extracting information from websites or online sources. It can benefit your business by providing valuable insights, automating data collection, and facilitating informed decision-making.

Data scraping is extensively employed for diverse purposes such as lead generation, competition price monitoring, product data extraction, brand monitoring, reviews extraction, sentiment analysis, market research, news monitoring, and more. Each use case offers valuable insights and efficiency improvements in various business and analytical domains.

Data scraping legality varies, but we strictly adhere to ethical practices. We ensure compliance with relevant laws. Our scraping methods prioritize respect for privacy and follow all applicable regulations.

The timeframe for data scraping depends on the complexity and scope of your project. We provide customized timelines based on your requirements and ensure efficient delivery without compromising data accuracy.

We can scrape various data types, including text, images, and structured information. However, there may be limitations based on website structures or legal constraints. We conduct a thorough analysis to determine feasibility and inform you of any potential limitations.

Our scraping processes are designed to ensure data reliability and accuracy. We implement robust validation mechanisms and quality checks to deliver high-quality, error-free data for your business needs.


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