Ladislav Suster

Co-Founder | Data Consultant

Martin Trepac

Co-Founder | Brand Consultant

Digital Pre-Audit Sample: Scaffolding & Formwork in Australia 2022

To successfully expand your company in the online space, it is important to gather insights on the common search queries and questions of your potential customers. This information should be a priority as you move forward with your expansion plans.

1. Begin by understanding keywords related to specific topics, using search volume and frequency data to guide you.
2. Use search volume distribution to calculate return on investment (ROI).
3. Analyze your own and your competitors’ digital presence to optimize your digital strategy accordingly.

We can assist you in:

⚪ Understanding data, customer needs, the market, and your competition
⚫ Developing a digital strategy for SEO, PPC, content, and social media
🔵 Enhancing your brand, generating leads, or entering new markets

No matter what industry you’re in, can help you effectively with digital marketing, international expansion backed by data.


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