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SEO Audit
Proven Expertise,
Instant Impact

SEO Audit
Proven Expertise,
Instant Impact

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SEO Audit

From technical SEO audits and keyword research to international SEO, we provide a comprehensive suite of SEO services aimed at enhancing your online presence.

Our reports are not automated; instead, they undergo manual review by our Senior SEO Manager, bringing over 10 years of experience to ensure precision and effectiveness.

  • Duplicities
  • Site Speed
  • Organic Traffic
  • Competitor’s Benchmarking
SEO Audit ctrln digital
SEO Audit ctrln digital
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Audit Results

We recognize that the real value emerges from successfully implementing the insights acquired.

After completing your SEO audit, we seamlessly transition into the critical phase of transforming recommendations into tangible results.

▶ Next Steps Timeline Audit

Value Driven

We tailor our services to align with your specific requirements and budget, guaranteeing a thorough examination of your SEO landscape. 

Packages start at 1,000 EUR per website, with pricing influenced by factors such as:

  • Site Size
  • Number of Countries
  • Number of Languages
  • Urgency of Delivery
  • Specific Audit Requirements

Audit Your Website

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Our standard delivery timeframe is within 5 days. 

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Is Your SEO
Set for Growth?


An SEO Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance in search engines. It helps identify areas for improvement, ensuring your site is optimized for better visibility, user experience, and search engine rankings.

Results can be seen shortly after implementing recommended changes, with more significant impacts unfolding over time.

We use a combination of industry-leading tools and manual analysis to conduct SEO Audits. This includes tools for technical SEO analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, and performance tracking.

Recommendations are prioritized based on their impact on your website’s performance and the urgency of addressing specific issues. We focus on high-impact changes that can lead to significant improvements.

While technical aspects are involved, our SEO Audit reports are designed to be accessible. We provide clear explanations and recommendations in non-technical language, ensuring you understand the key insights.

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive SEO services, including the implementation of SEO Audit recommendations. Our team can work closely with you to ensure that the suggested changes are effectively executed for optimal results.

SEO Audit pricing can vary based on the scope and complexity of your website. Generally, costs range from €1,000 to €5,000, depending on factors like the size of your site, number of locations and languages, competition level, and specific audit requirements. We tailor our services to fit your needs and budget while ensuring a comprehensive analysis of your SEO landscape.


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